Please see the Getting Started and How to Contribute pages. There are 50+ source repositories on Github, with build instructions.

Issues and enhancements are tracked in JIRA. To request a JIRA account, send a message to the mailing list.

Questions and comments are welcome on the mailing list. To join the mailing list, send an empty email to There is an OpenXT IRC channel and Slack workspace.


The documents below are dated, especially with respect to video architecture, but may be useful to new developers.


We are hosting a mirror of 3rd-party components needed for an appliance build. Please cache these files locally and build from your local mirror. The system hosting the mirror has limited bandwidth.

Quality Assurance

OpenXT testing:

Xen, Linux and QEMU/KVM testing:


  • Intel maintains a list of Dell, HP & Lenovo vPro devices. OpenXT requires a vPro device with an integrated Intel GPU. Desktops can add AMD GPUs via IOMMU and PCI passthrough. Nvidia GPUs are not supported, except on desktops with Quadro 2000 and higher models.

  • OpenXT does not claim compatibility with specific hardware models or BIOS versions. Hardware is validated by OEMs and/or integrators of tailored solutions based on the OpenXT toolkit. The following test reports are informal and advisory:

    Year Client Generation OpenXT Xen Linux
    2019 Coffee Lake 9.0 4.12 4.19
    2018 Kaby Lake Refresh 8.0 4.9 4.14
    2017 Kaby Lake 7.0 4.6 4.9
    2016 Skylake 6.0 4.3 4.4